Delivering Thai delicacies to your doorstep | Soi Thai

In a line: A delivery only outlet operating in Malviya nagar, offering authentic Thai delicacies. Cuisine: Thai, Asian Price for two: Rs. 1500(approx) Location: Shop 3, Navjivan Vihar Market, Navjivan Vihar, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi Must haves: Chicken skewers with peanut dip, Thai green curry It’s the aromas, the freshness of the ingredients, the balance of…

Asian street food in style at Honk

In a line: Get ready to transport your tastebuds across Asian streets in style! Cuisine: Asian Price for two: Rs. 3000(approx) Nearest Metro station: Aerocity Must haves: Singapore style pork ribs, chilli soft shell crab The best of food can sometimes be found on the most bustling of streets in carts and small stalls. In…

50 Shades of Dim Sum at Kylin Premier

There is something very alluring about the tiny parcels, filled with meat or vegetables in a translucent casing, either steamed or fried or both, called Dim sums, that makes us crave for more and more.

New address for delicious sushi and dim sums: Yum Yum Cha

Steaming hot dimsums paired with a delicious sauce, freshly prepared sushi with wasabi and soy or a bowl full of noodles drenched in flavours. If asian delicacies have your cravings tied in a twist and you’re ready to show some of your chop stick skills, then you are in for a treat at Yum Yum Cha.

Go beyond sushi and ramen at Guppy

Dunk yourself in a bowl of hearty ramen or binge onto some delicious sushi or add a bit of crunch with tempura or simply enjoy a chargrilled yakitori. Known for precision and balance of flavours, Japanese cuisine is majorly based upon use of fresh produce and this is one of the reasons of it being a pricy affair at most of the restaurants.

En- Let’s embrace the food of Japan

Whether you’ve got hankering for some sublimely fresh sashimi or sushi or are craving to drown into a steaming bowl of miso or ramen, En- The Japanese Restaurant will leave no stone unturned to fulfill your desire of having a great Japanese food experience.

Sushi at your doorstep- Sushi Junction 

In a line- Delivery only outlet for Traditional and Fusion Sushis in Guragon. Cuisine– Japanese Price for two- Rs.1000(approx) Must have- Kidney Bean and Katsu Curry Sushi _________________________ Originating in Japan, sushi is a food preparation that dates back to at least the second century AD that consists of rice, raw/cooked sea food or vegetables…