A bit of health and a lot of flavour: Au Bon Pain

In a line: A bakery cafe serving up a variety of dishes which will keep you going throughout the day. Cuisine: Cafe, Bakery Price for two: Rs. 600(approx) Location: Multiple locations Must haves: keema kouign-amann, conewhich There is something about the whiff of a freshly baked bread that can easily cast an enchanting spell on anybody….

First Eat: Because eating healthy is not as bad #PehleKhao 

In a line: Bringing fresh and healthy eats at your doorstep. Cuisine: Healthy eats Price for two: Rs. 300(approx) Must haves: Idly Salad Eating healthy may sound like a cumbersome and boring task but can actually turn out to be rather simple and affordable affair with First Eat.  First Eat or Pehle Khao reminds us…

China Garden: Reinforcing authenticity

Next to our all time favourite Indian and Mughlai cuisine, stands tall with grace, the fresh, aromatic, flavourful and healthy Chinese food. A cuisine that is so versatile that we have actually come up with a completely different version of it, our desi Chinese. I think it’s the versatility of this cuisine that makes it so popular amongst us and hence, we have street vendors and vans, selling some lip smacking and spicy Chinese dishes.

The Salad Bowl- Enjoy healthy food without skimping on taste

In a line- Bringing fresh salads, wraps and cold pressed juices right at your doorstep. Cuisine– Healthy bites Price for two– Rs. 800(approx). Must haves- Customised cold pressed juice, Grilled chicken BLT wrap Agreed that we love our deep fried fries and pizzas loaded with cheese and guilty pleasures, but once in a while it is…

Lets focus upon health with ZOE 

In a line– A place packed full of goodies for a healthy life. Goodies– Cold pressed juices, yogurt smoothies, parfaits Cost for two- Rs. 600 _______________________ They say health is wealth and it certainly is true. But with the ever busy lifestyles of people these days, it becomes difficult to actually take time out to do…

Solution to Asian Food Cravings- Asian Haus

Do you love the freshness of the ingredients, the balance of flavour and the symphony of different textures in Asian delicacies? Are you wanting to take a culinary voyage across Asia and are not wanting to make the effort to step out of your home ?

Solution to mid-meal hunger pangs- Snackible

Who wouldn’t want to munch onto some delicious snacks to subside the hunger pangs that kick-in between meals ? The element of being delicious is what becomes our weakness and hence, we end up gaining the extra calories, those which could have been avoided simply by eating the right kind of snacks. And the ‘right…

RawLeaf- It’s time to lean on

With all the festivities kicking in the past few weeks, all of us would be guilty of having eaten(/drunken) too much or too unhealthy. Because afterall, what are celebrations without hearty fatty food and booze ? While entering the new year, its time to cut down on the guilt level with some healthy food products….