Multani Chole Kulche and Geela Kulche Wala in Paharganj | Explore

In a line: A very old and famous eatery in Paharganj known for its bheega/geela kulcha. Cuisine/dish: Geela kulcha Price for two: Rs. 100 (approx) Location: Multani dhanda, Near Janta Sweets, Paharganj Nearest metro station: RK Ashram Marg Roughly chopped onions and green chillies mixed with boiled matar or dried white peas, topped with some tangy…

Jung Bahadur Kachori Wala | Explore

Golden brown, crisp on the outside, stuffed with either dal or potato or onions, served with piping hot aloo sabzi, kachori sabzi is the perfect Indian snack to take over hunger pangs.