Sandwiches, curries, desserts and more from Twigly

You get back home all tired or forgot to take your lunch box, cooking isn’t your forte or you stay alone. With new food delivery options springing up, be rest assured that all your cravings and hunger pangs will be taken care of.

Get yourself a dose of health with Smoothie Factory

If you’re done with burgers and fries and are aching for a departure from the calorie laden food to some nutrition rich food, without compromising on taste, then smoothie factory is just the right place for you.

First Eat: Because eating healthy is not as bad #PehleKhao 

In a line: Bringing fresh and healthy eats at your doorstep. Cuisine: Healthy eats Price for two: Rs. 300(approx) Must haves: Idly Salad Eating healthy may sound like a cumbersome and boring task but can actually turn out to be rather simple and affordable affair with First Eat.  First Eat or Pehle Khao reminds us…