ChocoVault- Ticket to Choco Heaven

In a line– A small dessert cafe located in hauz khas village.

Price for two- Rs. 700 (approx)

Location– Hauz Khas Village

Nearest Metro– Green Park

Must haves– Kesar Pista Shake, The Choco-nuke

When it comes to good desserts, every bite feels like a celebration, and if you want your celebration to be a parade of choco-laden desserts, then this might just be the right place for the chocoholic in you.

A place where the sweet tooth is given precedence and desserts are pursed with pure passion, Choco Vault, located in Hauz Khas Village, is sure to give you choco-gasms like none other.

Open the round metalic door of the vault and find yourself in a treasure chest that has dripping chocolate drops on the ceiling and tables, muffin and cake shaped chairs along with a long red couch where you can comfortably sit and indulge into guilty pleasures. The dominant colors are creme and deep crimsom with tones of brown, which lead to a vibrant mood all together.

ChocoVault offers a wide variety of desserts to choose from, often leaving us spoilt for choices and longing for more. Stand on the glass counter, gaze and order the sublimely magnificent sweet surprises or simply get comfy in your chair and swirl around the menu on an ipad.

Scandalous Mud Cake

My escapade in the Choco Treasure had started with the Scandalous Mud Cake. A slice of dense chocolate cake layered with salted caramel, finished with a shiny glaze and covered by thin chocolate triangles. Though on my first visit it was a bit dry, it certainly redeemed itself on my next visit.

The Choco-Nuke

Next thing to fly in was The Choco-Nuke. A fancy looking chocolate ball, covered with dark chocolate and filled with chocolate mousse and layered with cake and cherries. The drama comes into play when hot chocolate is poured over the chocolate ball to melt the chocolate coating and make space for the mousse to peak out.

Kesar Pista Shake

My love for chocolate shake had been nailed by their Belgium Chocolate Elixir which was dark, thick, creamy and not over sweet, but the limelight was stolen by their Kesar Pista Shake. Flavours that I didn’t expect from a shake, which grew on me so quickly that I’d rather come to chocovault for this shake alone.

Red Velvet Waffle Stick

The wiff of a freshly made waffle cannot be matched and hence, not trying one here would be no less than a sin. While I was simply in love with the red velvet waffle stick, which had a crisp outer layer and moist inner texture, I missed the quintessential creme cheese flavour that goes along with red velvet. Though the whipped creme layer did solve the purpose, adding a bit of creme cheese would make it no less than a winner.

Their chocolate macaroon, though not the authentic macaroon in terms of the texture, was probably one the best tasting chocolate macaroons that I’ve had so far. Even though I am not a fan of chocolate pizza, probably because I like mine loaded with cheese and toppings, to my amusement, I liked their warm Trio Chocolate Pizza, which has white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate over nutella(as the sauce).

The Show Stopper

I finally reached my gluttony destination with The Show Stopper, a part of chocovaults signature delights. A dessert where textures play a pivotal role. The smooth caramel and the velvety mousse is contrasted with the crunch(use your knife and fork wisely) which is toned down by the layer of cake beneath. This delight is certainly named very aptly.

They also have a vault of thanks whereby you like/follow ChocoVaimageult on facebook, twitter or instagram, hit the button and open the chest to find your little chocolate truffle which you can enjoy on your way out. No leaf has been left unturned to satiate and satisfy the chocoholic in all of us.

Overall, my experience at this small and cozy chocolate cafe, that uses the best of ingredients to put together a beautiful dessert, turned out to be great. And now we are aware of the fact that we wouldn’t win a golden ticket to Willy Wonkas Chocolate Factory, ChocoVault is here to fill the void and teleport us to a choco heaven. The prices might appear to be on the higher end, but wait until you dig into your surprise and you’ll find it to be all worth it.

Ps- ChocoVault is going to launch a small savory menu very soon, but their highlight would remain the sweet offerings. We’ll have to wait to find out if they are going to use a bit of chocolate in their savory menu


Food- 4/5


Ambiance- 3.5/5


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