When hunger strikes at Night: Hunger Must Die

 In a line: A mid-night food delivery option that will take care of all your needs.

Cuisine: Indian, Mughlai, Chinese

Price for two: Rs.300(approx)

Must haves: White taboo paneer, Khadai chicken

What if its 1:00am and hunger pangs kick in ? The sudden cravings need to be taken over and you feel like eating some delicious chicken or drool-worthy biryani, but all you have in your pantry is some stale milk or vegetables that you can’t cook with or some noodles that wouldn’t do justice to your hunger.

That’s were the mid-night food scenario comes into picture. Delivering hot and delicious food right at your doorstep when you either can’t go out because it’s late and most restaurants are shut or if you simply cannot cook or are a bit too lazy. But not only do we look at delicious food, but we also need value for money and timely delivery.

And that’s what “hunger must die” is all about. An all night delivery express that is all set to deliver(from 7:00pm- 4:00am) some mouth watering Indian, Chinese and Mughlai dishes at your doorstep at a price that wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket and offering quantity that will fly away those starvation pangs. They’ve also added a few snacks and drinks like pastas, sandwiches and shakes in order to meet a wider palate.

Covering the entire south delhi and delivering at super fast speed, Hunger Must Die is preparing each and every dish with heart and soul and with good quality ingredients.
There is no minimum order and hence, you can simply order a shake and they’re ready to bring it to you. Also, the delivery is free for orders above Rs. 150.
Another great feature that they have is the customisable dish, choose whatever you like and however you like, and they’ll be ready to meet your demands at Rs. 200 only. So if you’re allergic to something or if simply want a dish to be prepared the style you want it to be, they’ll be at your service.

If you’re craving for some vegetarian dishes, then paneer can never go out of sight and their kadhai paneer is rich, creamy and delicious. While if you like to experiment then the HMD white taboo paneer is the dish for you. Mildly flavoured, this rich paneer gravy seems to be like a dish for the kings as it is prepared with cashews, melon seeds, cream, butter and more paneer. Whereas if you’re a non-vegetarian, then the khadai chicken is the dish for you. Beautifully cooked tandoori chicken immersed in a gravy that is packed full of flavour and cooked along with onions and capsicum, which give it a bit of crunch. Pair your gravies/dal with a butter naan and you’ll be good to go.
The fact that the spice level in their food is perfect, it will ensure that no palate goes unsatisfied. Whereas if you like a bit of spice, them the customisation is always available.

Overall, a very versatile late night delivery outlet, HMD is all out to bring you whatever you need at night at a price that is surely going to push you to order more. If your order exceeds Ra.600, then you earn a card which entails you to a discount of 15% on your entire bill for the next 15 deliveries and beyond which, you become a golden member and can get a whooping 25% discount. Now that’s what you call a steal deal!

Website: http://www.hungermustdie.com

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