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In a line: Kachori with aloo sabzi is a passe. Get a unique kachori experience here at Multan.

Cuisine/dish: Street food, kachori

Price: Rs. 15 for one and Rs. 25 for two

Address: Gali no 6, Multani Dhanda, Paharganj

Nearest metro station:  RK Ashram Marg

Stuffed with spicy filling, deep fried and crisp, kachori with aloo sabzi is a great breakfast option or the perfect evening snack that pairs along well with some hot chai.

Though kachori is synonymous with Rajasthan(pyaz and mawa kachori being the most famous), the origins are unclear, with some siting UP or even Maharashtra as the birth place of this delicious snack.

While it is easy to spot kachori with aloo sabzi, I discovered a unique kachori in the busy lanes of paharganj. Though not talked about a lot, Multan Moth Bhandar is the pioneer in selling some amazing moth kachoris, for over 70 years now.

Multan Moth Bhandar

Around 20 minutes walk from RK Ashram Marg metro station, the place is nestled in gali no 6 of Multani Dhanda, and has a limited menu that consists of kachoris, rice combos and soya chaap.

It’s the moth kachori that they’re known for, and hence, I got myself one, to figure out what was special about it. Unlike the kachoris that we get with aloo sabzi, the kachori that I got here wasn’t very thick, and hence, was more crispy and crusty. Stuffed with spiced moth beans(also known as turkish gram or dew beans), the highlight was the accomplishments that came along and brought together this wonderful snack.

Moth Kachori at Paharganj

A dona is filled with some boiled rice, then ladled with moth dal and is topped with chopped radish, green chillies, a splash of tamarind water and moth masala. The moth masala is what makes it unique, and is similar to amchur(dried mango powder). A kachori or two are kept over this unusual mix, which goes beautifully well with the crisp khastha kachori.

Ps: Their is no place to sit, but you can always relish the kachoris while standing, or an easier way out, get some packed!

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    1. It tasted great. Very unusual though, but the combination somehow worked well!

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  1. Such a beautiful photo! thank you for sharing! My mouth is watering…

    If you have time, check out my latest post at https://wordpress.com/stats/day/tootinghustle.wordpress.com?startDate=2017-05-09 and let me know what you think!

    Happy blogging x


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