Brumbacks- When sweet cravings take a hike!

In a line– A bakery and pizzaria in Gurgaon that offers dine-in and delivery.

Cuisine– Bakery, Pizza

Cost for two– Rs.500(approx)

Must haves– Belgian Bliss, Triple Chocolate mousse


Though found at the end of the menu, desserts are indeed the best part of any meal. No matter how bad the initial courses might be, if the meal ends on good dessert, it uplifts the overall experience. That’s the power of good desserts for those who have a sweet tooth.

So if you’re craving for some good desserts to uplift your senses then you might want to give Brumbacks a try. Located in Gurgaon, Brumbacks operates as a dine in and a delivery outlet(in Gurgaon) and is known for its bakery products and pizzas.

While I didn’t get the opportunity to visit their outlet, I did order a few desserts to binge on to. The pricing is such that you wouldn’t mind ordering a few extras. Because who knows if one will be Generally whenever I’ve ordered a variety of pastries, they’ve arrived in a single box, all packed together (and often mixed together!) However, the pastries arrived in individual boxes, each having a different type of pastry.

They say surprises come in small packages and this turned out to be true when I started to devour each pastry, one by one.

The ride filled with guilty pleasures began with tea cakes, original banana walnut and carrot cinnamon cake. While mostly they tend to become dense, the ones I tried were moist and spongy.

The banana gateau pastry was a bit on the sweeter side for my palate as compared to all the other pastries. The red velvet, though didn’t seem to be red by the look of it(probably they didn’t use food colouring- plus point), tasted nice because of the cream cheese frosting and white chocolate shavings.

Though I enjoyed all the pastries, being a chocolate fan, the Belgian Bliss and Triple Chocolate mousse pastries were hands down, the best. The velvety texture of the chocolate mousse over the dense dark chocolate brownie formed the best combination and the dark chocolate ganache in chocolate sponge cake turned out to be an addiction in form of Belgian bliss.

Overall, if you’re willing to satiate those cravings for sweet delights, then Brumbacks can be your pick.


Food- 3.5/5

Delivery- 3.5/5


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