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Note: Read till the end!

A warm and flaky stuffed naan, topped with a dollop of butter, paired with portion of dal makhni and shahi paneer, along with some onion and green chutney, and to wash it all down, a glassful of chach.

When hunger was slowly taking over my hunch, I decided to pay Sanjay Chur Chur naan, right under moolchand metro station a visit. Inspite of the competition next door, I was surprised to see it packed with people around 11:30-12:00.


On my last visit to Sanjay Chur Chur naan, which was during lunch hours, I opted for the aloo pyaz naan, which costed me Rs. 130 for 2 naans along with the dal and choley. Naan so huge, that I felt full after finishing one. While the naan were very well stuffed, and the butter on top certainly helped to take it up a notch, the chur chur part was somehow lacking and I couldn’t get the flaky bits that I was expecting. I also got myself a delicious sweet lassi, that was topped with malai and was served in a kulhad, making it all the more better.

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But today, while trying to find a place to park my car, I came across a smaller version of sanjay chur chur naan, which actually turned out to be so much better, and a lot more cheaper.

Adjacent to the metro station, there are a few small eateries serving paranthas, fruit juice, chinese food and then I spotted these guys selling hot chur chur naans. The very sight of it made me drool, and hence, without giving it a second thought, I pounced at the opportunity and got myself a single aloo pyaz chur chur naan combo for just Rs. 50. Double would cost you Rs. 80 and the paneer naans would cost Rs. 100 only.


Hot and crisp, right from the tandoor, crushed and topped with butter, the chur chur naan won my heart at the first bite, so much so, that I got myself a plate packed for later. I was indeed ecstatic to get myself some wholesome meal at a much cheaper rate along with a glass full of chach, that helps in digestion, thereby, enabling me to eat more!

Take your pick, sanjay chur chur naan or the roadside chur chur naan 😉

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