Olive Bar and Kitchen- Where every bite feels like a Celebration

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Sometimes all one needs is a civilized meal along with a loved one in a soothing environment to cheer oneself up and to forget about the days monotony.

Located in a quaint and green area of the city, away from all the hustle bustle of a metropolitan, Olive Bar and Kitchen, is touted as the best spot for a romantic rendezvous with your loved one. A place where the interiors are inspired by warmth and vibrancy, Olive is the place for a civilized lunch or a romantic candle-lit dinner.


The moment I entered, I was enchanted by the chic and soothing atmosphere created by using light color tones, even on a hot sunny day.

The white pebble courtyard under the canopy of a big banyan tree, the use of olive green and blue hues in upholstery, the huge windows with flow-y white curtains, all together give off the perfect Mediterranean feel to the entire place, while the qutab minar, standing tall beside, hits the alarm, reminding that you’re still in Delhi.


As the sun had decided to shine a bit too brightly, I decided to sit indoors. The uneven white plastered walls with candles lit all over, along with beautiful white flowers, all had its own charm.

I had come here to try the exquisite 6 course lunch, designed by Chef Dhruv Oberio.

The gourmet studio started with Chefs Special Hors D’Oeuvres or Amuse Bouche. Resting on top of my fork was sweet beetroot with hazelnut and cheese, which turned out to be perfect to set the palate for a flavorsome gastronomical journey ahead.


While waiting for my starter to arrive, I nibbled onto some freshly baked breads that were served complementary on the table along with butter and olive oil. Since I am not a fan of Buff, I opted for the vegetarian starter. Beetroot, Goat Cheese and Walnuts- Slow poached marinated beet served along with deliciously pink beet sorbet, salty goat cheese croquettes and caramelised walnuts. The dish had a riot of flavours and textures in my mouth, all in harmony.


Then the zingy lemon sorbet arrived as a palate cleanser. This was followed up by a Pasta/Fish course. I had the Artichoke and Ricotta Tortelli, Sunchokes. The beautifully cooked tortelli was stuffed with spinach and ricotta cheese and was topped with sunchoke emulsion and served along with well roasted Artichoke. The pinenuts on top added the quintessential crunch to the dish. While the vegetarian dish had subtle flavours.


The Stone Bass and Prawns preparation had a burst of flavour and color. The fish was grilled to perfection, which was marked by the beautiful crisp layer on top. It was accompanied by the strong flavoured Shrimp and Squid Salsa.


After this, it was time to march my fork and knife towards the main course. The Porcini and Wild Mushroom Risotto was one of the best risottos that I’ve had in a while. Prepared with a combination of Italian Arborio rice and Californian Black rice, the risotto was perfectly cooked and was garnished with different types of mushrooms, which added more flavour to the dish. It would be Sous Vide Chicken that didn’t live upto my expectations during the entire meal. Chicken done two ways, one, low temperature cooked chicken breast and two, chicken leg roulade stuffed with creamy chicken mousse. I felt that the chicken was a bit over and hence, was chewy. Though the brandy pepper jus that was served along with dish was full of flavour and tied the entire dish very well.


The vegetarian food served in the pasta/fish course and main course had an upper hand as compared to the non vegetarian options that I tried.


Being a self respecting foodie, I wouldn’t have walked out without satiating my sweet tooth and ended up trying Tiramisu V3 and Vanilla Poached Pear with Panacotta. It would be very difficult for me to chose a favourite amongst the two fancy looking desserts, as I had fallen in love with both. So much so that they left me with a desire to have more. The love for coffee lead me to try the Tiramisu V3, which made me feel no less than a celebrity. A sublimely magnificent dessert which had tiramisu, sandwiched between coffee macaroon, served along with coffee ice cream and salted coffee crunch. The crisp and the smooth along with the sweet and salty made this dish no less than a femme fatal. To give this dessert a one on one, came the Vanilla Poached Pear with Panacotta. A dish whose visual impact forced me to click multiple pictures. Vanilla pudding served with wine poached pear, broken meringue, dried pear slices, pear sorbet and honey comb. The explosion of textures and fruity flavours in this dessert, turned out to be a great departure from the chocolate laden desserts that we all enjoy.

Overall, Olive Bar and Kitchen is place that has a talented kitchen combined with the a romantic ambiance and swift service, which is non-intrusive and polite, all together, making this place a must visit.

After having my meal at Olive, I can happily say that when it comes to a good meal, every bite feels like a celebration.

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Food- 4/5

Service- 4/5

Ambiance- 4/5

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