The Great Kebab Factory- Kebab Galore

“If less is merry, then more must be merrier” goes a common English proverb. I wouldn’t comment on the general truth behind it, but I can certainly say that when it comes to Food, more is definitely merrier!
Whether the “more” we’re talking about is the number of dishes one eats or the number of times one eats, the “more” factor contributes to a merrier experience.
Now think of a place that offers you unlimited servings of delicious kebabs, mains and desserts combined with courteous staff and attentive service. Wouldn’t it give you an experience that’ll force you to recommend to all the kebab lovers out there ?



The Great Kebab Factory, a place that needs no introduction, has been satisfying our Authentic Kebab Cravings since 1998. Presenting the all you can eat concept, make sure you skip your breakfast to enjoy and do justice to their widespread Lunch as it offers an assortment of delicious kebabs, dals, biryanis and desserts. Having 450 kebab recipes passed onto generations, TGKF offers a different menu of Kebabs everyday to please its patrons, with unlimited servings.



The rustic charm that they’ve created by drawing inspiration from a factory, the iron chairs with rust, incomplete naked brick walls, metalic utensils in wall niche, all are worth an eye. The  blue sky on the ceiling with huge sun-like chandeliers is such that it will make you stand in the middle of the restaurant and soaking it all in. The rustic charm is also contrasted with huge windows overlooking the pool, a well equipped bar to uplift your spirits and an open kitchen, whereby you can observe your delicacies being prepared.


TGKF has some fond childhood memories attached. Though I don’t remember how my experience was when I was 8 or 9, I can certainly say that it turned out to be great when I visited them a few weeks back on a Sunday. Though a hardcore non vegetarian, I stuck to their vegetarian menu (as I visited during navratras), and didn’t regret opting for it a bit. The meal comprised of 6 Starters, 2 dals, Biryani, 1 main with Breads and 5 desserts.

DSC06745 DSC06744

The well informed waiters asked for my preference and the ride began. Thirsty, I started with a glass of refreshing Italian Smooch while the fresh Fruit salad with strawberry compote arrived.

The debauchery started with their melt in mouth Subz Galauti Kebeb, which had a riot of spices in my mouth. Served along with Ulte Tawe Ka Parantha, I never would have imagined that I’d fall in love with veg galauti.



The Soya Mutter ka Tikka tasted similar to a galauti, the only difference being, its texture.

The phaldari chaat had marinated and grilled fruits which had a sweet and spicy tone. Though I liked the grilled pinapple, my favourite would be the grilled apple.


Perfectly charred paneer tikka, marinated in beautiful spices in harmony, went well along with green chutney and onions. While the Aloo Chutneywale were great in themselves.


The most unique kebab was served in the end, Singhade Mirch Ke Tinkey. Skewered water chestnuts, along with capsicum and onions, marinated in spices, turned out to be a very different and delicious kebab. I paired my kebabs with a reviving Green Apple Mojito.
Though known for its Kebabs, I didn’t feel like skipping on the mains and had specially left space for the main course(Unlike all the other buffet places, where I hog on the starters and hence, leave no room for the mains).
Before the mains were served, the waiter got a glass of chach or buttermilk, which is known to increase ones appetite.
Revelry resumed and I had the fragrant and fluffy vegetable Biryani. While both the dal tadka and dal factory were simple, the paneer makhni was rich and creamy. I combined these along with a buttery Lachha Parantha.



Since I have an infamous sweet tooth for Indian Desserts and hence, even though full, I tried a bit of all the desserts that they have to offer.
Started with a delicious and mildly sweet Tinka kulfi, then went onto warm and full of ghee, Kesri Halwa. The malai chaap was a bit on the sweeter side and hence, wasn’t a dessert for me. The limelight was stolen by the hot and crisp Jalebi along with the cold rabri. Match made in heaven smile emoticon


Overall, The Great Kebab Factory ticks all the boxes when it comes to a great culinary experience. The attentive but non-interfering service, combined with a rustic yet chic atmosphere and sublimely delicious kebabs, make this place a must visit for every foodie. The ride back home was a lethargic, but a happy one.
Food- 4/5
Service- 4/5
Ambiance- 3.5/5

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  1. Moritz says:

    Looks very interesting. There’s nothing better than a kebab and a good desert afterwards 🙂


    1. I second that thought Moritz 🙂

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