Asia Central- Bringing authentic Asian food to your doorstep

In a line- Authentic Asian food now getting delivered at your doorstep.

Cuisine- Thai, Chinese, Malaysian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Asian

Price for two- Rs. 1200(approx)

Must haves- Chicken and chives dumplings, Vietnamese Chicken skewers, Kung Pao Chicken.

Chowmein, Hakka Noodles, Manchoorian with fried rice, Fried momos, the list will go on as our mouth salivates to dig our teeth into delicious Indian-ised Chinese that is packed full of spices and fiery flavours. Certainly no where close to authentic Asian food, our Indian palates have adopted to these flavours and are willing to make it as innovative as possible with chinese chaat, bhel and idlys.

While I love our Indian-ises asian dishes, a few days back when the intertia of my body was forcing me to stay indoors and my cravings for authentic asian food were on its peak, I decided to give Asia Central a try.

Located in Shahpur Jat, Asia Central is a new restaurant that claims to offer authentic Asian food at a price that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. While there might be a lot of asian restaurants in the city, it might become very difficult to pick one that is delivering proper Asian food, and hence, Asia Central comes to rescue to fill the void.


The order arrived inside two cartons that had individual items, vaccum sealed, stacked one on top of another, thereby ensuring a spill-free experience.

My sojourn into the world of Asian food began with the Chicken and Chives dumplings(Rs. 275) that are sure to give any other dumplings served in a 5 star restaurant a run for its money. The thin outer layer of the rice flour, mild flavouring with the chives and the spicy red sauce that it was accompanied along with, made it the dish of the evening. The Vietnamese chicken asparagus skewers(Rs. 295) too tasted no less than delicious. Chicken wrapped around asparagus and tossed in peanut sauce, which gave it the crunch and sweet element, turned out to be a winner too. Though not a huge tofu fan, I decided to order Tofu Cups(Rs. 295) as the vegetarian option, and fortunately, I didn’t regret a bit for having taken this decision. Scooped tofu filled with peanut and celery had a kick of burnt garlic flavour, which simply made the experience of having this dish even better.

In the mains, I tried the Thai Red Curry with a portion of Aromatic Rice (Rs. 385) which was packed full of coconut-y goodness with the predominant flavour of basil and lemongrass. The quantity was good enough to feed a hungry glutton. Though the thai red curry was nice, it was the Kung Pao Chicken (Rs. 355) with Chilli Garlic Noodles (Rs. 255) that became my favourite combo, that I’d certainly order again and again. The Kung Pao had a riot of flavours and textures in my mouth that went well with the thin noodles that were flavoured(and topped) with burnt garlic and spicy chillies.


The meal wouldn’t have ended without satisfying my sweet tooth, and the Molten Chocolate Cake(Rs.175) did much more than simply satisfying my cravings for a good dessert. I did reheat it for the oozy chocolaty goodness, and the moment I had my first bite, I knew sharing wouldn’t be caring anymore.

Overall, my experience with Asia Central turned out to be no less than amazing. Everything, from timely delivery, clean and fuss free packaging and presentation to flavour of the dishes, Asia Central ticked all the boxes for a great Asian food dining experience, thereby forcing me to give it a good rating.

So if you’re willing to try authentic Asian food without having to move out in these cold winter days, Asia Central is going to be the answer for your cravings


Food– 4/5

Packaging– 4/5

Value for Money– 4/5

Asia Central Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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