Avatar- Italian Food Festival


In a line– Italian food festival running from 23rd Jan- 7th Feb, focusing on pasta and pizza.

Cuisine– Italian

Price for two– Rs.1400(approx)

Must haves– Chicken tikka pizza

Nearest Metro Station– Kaushambi

Even though there are a lot of different cuisines that are making entry into the food industry of India, there is something about Italian food that we Indians love and can’t get over with. Loaded with cheese and toppings or drenched in creamy or tomato based sauce, it’s the pizzas and pastas that are generally synonymous with Italian cuisine in India.

Keeping this in mind, Avatar, a multi cuisine fine dining restaurant in Radisson Blu, Kaushambhi, decided to come up with their Italian Food Festival by focusing on different authentic and fusion pastas and pizzas and thereby trying to get us in touch with Italian food delights.

Covered in hues of brown and gold, Avatar sports a chic and contemporary feel while giving you the chance to observe your food getting prepared through the open kitchen. The dim lit restaurant makes it a perfect place for a romantic dinner with a loved one over some good world cuisine.

The 15 day long Italian Food Festival at Avatar(which is going to end very soon) happened to be my getaway last Sunday when I went to gorge onto pastas and pizzas after travelling for around 2 hours. But was the travelling worth it ?

As told by the chef, all the pastas and pizzas were made up of imported farina and durum flour, also, each pizza was topped with bocconcini, scarmoza and mozzarella in order to maintain the authenticity.

While I enjoyed the garden pizza that was topped with roasted bell peppers, mushrooms and zucchini and the chicken tikka pizza that had the delicious kick of green chutney and onions, frutti di mare i.e. Seafood pizza was a bit on the bland side and needed more pizza sauce. The hint of truffle oil came across well in the wild mushroom pizza that was loaded with porcini, button and shitake mushrooms.

The pizzas did sail to the safe shore but unfortunately everything else that came sank in somewhere. The calzone alla pollo though had delicious chunks of chicken, didn’t have enough sauce/cheese and hence, was very dry. The tortellini alla pollo, due to its uneven(and unusual) shape was raw at the edges and the ricotta spinach ravioli was a bit overcooked and thereby disintegrated when picked up. The tomato ravioli was stuffed with reduce tomato concasse and was not something that is available elsewhere, thus, making me want to try it. Alas, due to its unusual flavour and texture, it turned out to be rather unappetising.

Overall, though the pizzas did live upto the mark, the pastas on the other hand were a big let down due to unusual flavours that didn’t blend together and uneven cooking of the handmade pasta. The service was courteous but needs to be honed over a bit for the ultimate dining experience. So if you’re willing to give this Italian food festival a try, then you might want to stick to the pizzas.


Food- 2.5/5

Ambiance- 3.5/5

Service- 3.5/5

Ps- The tasting session was an invitation by Food Bloggers Council, India(FBCI).

Avatar - Radisson Blu Hotel Ghaziabad Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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