Multani Chole Kulche and Geela Kulche Wala in Paharganj | Explore

In a line: A very old and famous eatery in Paharganj known for its bheega/geela kulcha.

Cuisine/dish: Geela kulcha

Price for two: Rs. 100 (approx)

Location: Multani dhanda, Near Janta Sweets, Paharganj

Nearest metro station: RK Ashram Marg

Roughly chopped onions and green chillies mixed with boiled matar or dried white peas, topped with some tangy lemon juice and served with hot roasted kulchas, Matar Kulcha, is one of the most loved street snacks in Delhi, and this can be easily testified by the number of street vendors that one can find in approximately every street.

Multani Chole Kulche and Geela Kulche Wala in Paharganj

On my eating spree in the bylanes of the unexplored paharganj, I came across a famous eatery named: Multani Chole Kulche and Geela Kulche Wala, that specialises in chole kulche, and is taking the legacy of Multani cuisine forward.
But the kulche that are served here, are unlike any other that we get in Delhi. They are known for the geela or bheega kulcha which consists of a kulcha that is broken and soaked in chole masala, and is then topped with runny tamarind chutney, green chutney and soaked radish. It sounds unusual but the sweet, tangy and spicy flavours go well and make it an interesting dish that one should try at least once. Not everybody would end up enjoying it, but I certainly would love to try it again!
Geela Kulcha in Paharganj

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