For a fulfilling breakfast: Nutella Freak-shake | Recipe

Milkshake. The only way with which my parents would motivate me to drink milk, are no longer boring and nor are they restricted to chocolate, strawberry or vanilla. Now the humble milkshake is nothing more than a meal in itself. Whether you’re in hunt for a wholesome breakfast, a light lunch or something to grab on the go, milkshakes have got a makeover now and can be made with numerous flavour combinations.

And one of my favourite flavour combination has to be dark chocolate and hazelnut. This should justify my eternal love for Nutella, which is nearing borderline substance abuse. No kidding.

Nutella Freakshake
Nutella Freakshake

Hence, whenever I finish up a jar of nutella, I add a bit of milk in it, shake it off, and get myself a glass full of Nutella shake. Though this time, after I finished the 750 mL jar, I decided to take it to the next level, by making a Nutella Freak Shake for breakfast, and here’s the recipe:

Warning: This is an entire meal by itself!


2 Tsp Nutella
2 Tsp Hershey’s Chocolate syrup
500 mL milk
2 Scoops of chocolate/vanilla Ice cream
4 Oreo cookies

Hershey’s chocolate bar
Whipped cream
And whatever sweet treats you enjoy!

Cooking/Making Time: 5 mins

1. Simply add all the ingredients mentioned above under “milkshake” in a blender and blend it together.
2. Feel free to add a brownie/cupcake to to the blender to add some texture in your milkshake. This will make it more hearty!
3. Empty the contents in a glass or empty nutella jar, top it up with whipped cream, chocolates, M&M’s and chocolate sauce. You can also drizzle some of my luscious slutty salted caramel 🙂
4. Enjoy your milkshake and get ready for a sugar rush!

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