New York Slice- Because its about pizza!

In a line- A dine-in/delivery outlets that serves delicious NY style pizzas.

Cuisine- Italian

Price for two- Rs. 600

Must haves- Grand central(pepperoni) pizza


From the humble origin in Naples, pizza has come a long way and is relished around the world with different toppings and different styles of cooking. Be it thin crust or thick, loaded with cheese or toppings, deep dish or wood fired, pizza is one dish that we wouldn’t mind waiting for.
A freshly baked pizza, with the oozy cheese and delicious toppings and the crisp crust edges would make any person on diet drool and a person not on diet, jump and hog.

It is said that there is no sincerer love than the love of food, but maybe the word “food” can easily be replaced with “pizza”. Because there is no other feeling than having a hot box of pizza in ones lap.

A few days back when cravings for pizza came on an all time high and the cold weather compelled me to go out, I decided to order it from New York Slice. As the name itself would suggest, they serve new york-style pizzas(which are characterized by thin crust base that is crisp along the edge and pliable beneath the toppings to help one to fold a slice in half to eat).

The menu at NYS offers a variety of pizzas to gorge on, each with a very interesting name that relates back to New York, like Jackson Heights, Rockefeller etc. You may choose to order an entire pizza or simply have a slice of your favourite. Along with the quintessential accompaniments like fries and wedges, NYS offers Subs and Stromboli.

Be it the vegetarian or the non-vegetarian pizzas, you wouldn’t be disappointed by your choice. But my pick from the vegetarian pizza would anyday be the Soho, which is topped with spinach, roasted garlic and cayenne peppers. Before having this, I had no idea if spinach could taste good on a pizza!
While I had fallen in love with Little India, a pizza that is topped with well roasted chicken tikka, red peppers and onions in the non-vegetarian offerings, it was the Grand Central that completely stole the show for me and became the pizza of the evening. Loaded with pepperoni and cheese, this was the best pepperoni pizza that I’ve tried so far and will certainly make me want to go to NYS again, even if its for only one slice of pepperoni goodness.
The Stromboli too tasted no less than delicious, filled with cheesy goodness and sausage, the meatsboli was the first thing to get devoured.

Since every meal should end on a sweet note, I had ordered a portion of Oreo Surprise for myself(which is the only dessert option available here). I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end my cheese affair than these deep fried oreo cookies stuffed in a donut-like disk.

Overall, ordering pizzas from New York Slice turned out to be successful and I certainly didn’t regret upon choosing this pizzeria to deliver me cheesy goodness. Though I feel that a few more dessert options in the menu would do no harm.


Food- 4/5

Packaging- 3.5/5

Value for Money- 3.5/5


New York Slice Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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